Has something changed with the M2Web API?

Previously working code now returns NULL. When checking “https://m2web.talk2m.com/t2mapi/…” with postman I get {“message”:“Invalid credentials for device [name]”,“code”:401,“success”:false}’

We did add support for tokens, see 4.6 - Talk2M Token Management in RG-0005 DMWeb API for Datamailbox:

This shouldn’t effect your previous code, however. Can you still log into that account on eCatcher?

Hello Kyle,

Thanks for the response.

Yes, eCatcher and Talk2M are not a problem. The data mail box seems to be working also. It appears to something with the M2Web API. I will look deeper on the server side to make sure something has not changed there.

Also, check that the Ewon (local) password is correct.

Hello Kyle,

Upon further review I have determined the data was being received but the JSON data from the eWon was not correct and when JSON_DECODE was executed returned NULL. The errant JSON was from a section of BASIC script that had not been triggered / tested previously. The BASIC script is corrected and the things work correctly. Sorry for the not checking more thoroughly. Thank for your support

No problem at all. I’m glad you found the problem!