Help! Function ECI111_GetInfo not working with CAN-IB200/PCIe v1.6 on Intime4.2

Hi Mark,

The share link below includes an updated version of the ECI. It includes more info in the logging messages. The sources have not been updated and the logging functions will still needed to be added.

Please run this new ECI and provide us with the output.

You can download the files by visiting the following link:

The file share will expire on 2019-10-29 16:34

Hi, using interrupts it ran into an issue. Polling it got further.

Interrupts_ECI_Driver_1.13.3576.0_20191014_INtime_4.20.12200_win32.txt (1.2 KB)

Polling_ECI_Driver_1.13.3576.0_20191014_INtime_4.20.12200_win32.txt (184 KB)

polling_and_logging.txt (559 KB)

interupts_and_logging.txt (7.36 KB)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the logs. What kind of interrupts do you have set in INtime? Legacy interrupts will not work but MSI interrupts will work.


I am using MSI. I’d like to try to get polled mode working first though.

Hi Mark,

Looking at the previous logs you sent It looks like the polling is working. I am not seeing error in the logs for polling, are you seeing other issues?


Weird problem. I can receive CAN messages with 11 bits, but not 29 CAN IDs.

Is this regarding the polling?

Hi @markmenge,

Were you using the example when you tested 29 bit CAN ID’s? The example is setup for 11 bit ID’s only.

Line 228: stcCtrlConfig.u.sCanConfig.u.V0.bOpMode = ECI_CAN_OPMODE_STANDARD;

You would want to use something like on line 271:

Oh sorry, of course. I added ECI_CAN_OPMODE_EXTENDED and now it works.

I tried the new files with Intime 4.2, and 6.3 and they seem to work. I tested with XC16 and IB200 cards.


Should I run with you gave me? Or will this be on the website?

Hi Mark,

It usually takes some time for these updates to make it to a full release. I will check when this would be released.


Hi Mark,

My colleagues were reviewing this issues and we want to make sure we understand what is working now.

Are you saying you are able to use INtime 4.2 and 6.3 with the ECI files we provided last? Are you compiling it for 4.2 and using it with both? Is this just with polling mode or are the Interrupt modes working too?


I tested:

  1.        PCI XC16 works in polling mode on INtime 4.2
  2.        PCIe IB200 with both polling and MSI interrupts on INtime 6.3
  3.        PCIe IB200 board with 2 CAN port extension

So, as far as I can tell, everything is working now. I did have to make a change to get OsEci.h to compile:

#if 0 // causes compile error

typedef BOOL *PBOOL; ///< Define used datatype to easier porting the ECI to another OS


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