Help selecting an Intesis part

We have a customer looking for the one-to-one circled part in the diagram below. Could I please get some assistance with selecting the right pn(s)? I know they want one end to be BACNET, but I’m unsure what the other end needs to be. Hopefully there are just a small handful of pns to cover all of the communication needed that I can present to the customer.

I might benefit from having a phone chat with someone on the Intesis line as well.

Thank you.

Hi Nick,

You will want to reach out to the sales team for help selecting a product. You can email them at

To get you started you can find the intesis backnet to protocol translators here BACnet Gateways | BACnet Protocol | Intesis
and the backnet to AC interfaces here BACnet Gateways for Air Conditioners | Intesis