Help Setting up USB-to-CAN compact and Nanotech Stepper

I am trying to setup a CAN open communication with a nanotech stepper, and my pc. I can see my device in canAnylyzer but I don’t know hoe to set it up with VCI Server, and my adapter wont show up in plug and drive studio.

What software are you using the USB to CAN with? If it is showing up with CANAnalyser the device is working correctly with the drivers. Are you sure the software supports the VCI drivers and devices? You will need to reach to them for support getting the device to show up in their software.

Plug and Drive studio id the software.
i was told by the people ant Nanotec that this communication should work but they don’t have anyone ding tech support right now. Not sure why I cant see my adapter

Have you followed all the instructions in the user manual for the software? It looks like it requires an additional SDK installed in addition the the VCI v4 driver.

  1. Download the IXXAT VCI V4 driver and addons (see
  2. Install the driver: VCI V4.0.939.0 - Windows 10, 8, 7\Ixxat VCI Setup 4.0.939.0.exe
  3. Install the Java API: VCI V4.0.939.0 - Windows 10, 8, 7\Add-ons\VCI V3 Java API_1_0_54_0.exe
  4. Connect the IXXAT adapter to the computer.
  5. Connect the IXXAT adapter to the controller with the appropriate cable. Please refer to the product
    manual for the details about the CAN connector.
  6. Make sure the controller is using the correct node id, and that its baud rate is known. Please refer to the
    product manual for more details.

Quick Start Guide (

the VCI V3 Java API_1_0_54_0.exe is included in the VCI driver download .zip

Their documentation doesn’t say much about the Java API but now that i have that installed it workes like a charm. thanks

Great glad to hear it is working!