Help with IntesisHome -Fujitsu thermostat q

Hello Kevin,
Brandais in Chicago told me to reach out to you. My IntesisHome controller for the Fujitsu HVAC system has worked well for 3 yrs since installation. However I recently changed the modem/router in my house and I’ve followed all the protocals as detailed in the Manual and it will not work. There is no problem with the wifi signal but it won’t work. Here’s the data:
Registration # JYMJQ-YGX3P-M5HRU-B70HD-BQJ15.

Is there any way you could please give me a call to chat about this today? This home is 100 miles from my primary residence and I’m here today to try and solve this!

Thank you so much I appreciate it.
Michael Tack
TEL: 617.584.7463


I will be available in around 3pm Eastern.

I would like to have you check your network and ensure that is 802.11b. Also that is WPA for the Intesis Unit. Given that your device an older, i do recommend that you create a dedicated 802.11b network for the Intesis Unit.