Hi, I'm looking for gsdml-v2.2-hms-abspir-20110503.xml, any clue on where to find it?

I was only able to find GSDML-V2.3-HMS-ABSPIR-20130227

Hi Jorge,

What Anybus device are you looking for support with? If you don’t know the part number, can you tell us what protocols are being connected by the device?


I don’t know the part number, the protocol that is being used is Profinet.

I’m trying to upload an S7-1500 project and I’m getting this error:

Hi Jorge,

It looks like this is an Anybus-S PROFINET-IRT Slave Interface, part number AB4474. Because this is an embedded device, it is likely embedded in some third-party machine. The OEM that used it may have made some change or used a specific GSD file that we do not have available.

What files and information we do have available can be found on the AB4474 support page here: Anybus Files and Documentation

If the GSD files available from our website aren’t working, I recommend reaching out to the OEM that produced the machine containing the Anybus device for more information.