Historical logging on an SD card

I have a EWon Flexy and I just bought an SD card from EWon (it’s blue and it’s written EWon on it).
My question is that I would like to insert the SD card and to test it right away. So I would like to know in advance what’s the code to implement inside the Flexy.
My specification is : I want to store some tags (with data) to the SD card with a certain frequency (let’s say 10 minutes).
Thank you in advance


I just got off the phone with sales. The cards they sell need to be formatted before they can be used. You’ll need a machine that can hold the sd card and then use something like the EaseUS Partition Master recommended in the document below:

Hello Tim,

I don’t understand because on page 4 of the document that you sent it says : " Originally formatted in ext3 filesystem" and also " The EUM Card must use the ext3 filesystem".

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Nicolas Perrin

I’m not sure what the card is fomatted with by default or if the card is formatted by default, but you’ll need to make sure that the format on the card is ext3

I think this should do what you were asking

Code to write to an SD card by date.txt (1.2 KB)

Thank you very much.

I really appreciate the help.

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Nicolas Perrin

Hello Ewon support,

I’m sorry to bother you with this but I just have a really simple question :

To insert an EWon SD card inside a Flexy, it is necessary that the Flexy is turned off or can I just insert it when it’s on and I can work on the SD card right away ?

Thank you in advance for the answer,

Nicolas Perrin

You should power down the device before inserting or removing the SD Card.