Historical Logging Table


I want to be able to recreate the event driven Historical Logging Table in the eSync Database where the columns are the Tags as shown below:

1530871740;“06/07/2018 10:09:00”;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef;Undef
1530886748;“06/07/2018 14:19:08”;Undef;60;60;3932160;87000;87030;1;1;0
1530886755;“06/07/2018 14:19:15”;Undef;0;0;0;87000;87030;0;0;1

Currently in eSync I only see Taghistory table but all the Tags are in the same column



You will be unable to build the table in eSync in that manner as that is not how the tables were designed.

The esync.esync_tagshistory table contains all pertinent tag history for each tag. You will notice in that table there is a column for the tag ID, this tag id is a foreign key referencing the tags found in esync_tags.

You would need to build a query based on this to get the tag info. The sql database is used for storage, not visualization.