HMS communicator ethernet IP/ modus tcp

I am working with anybus RS485 to network adapter. I have connectivity via the HTML and also shown below.

I am wanting to connect to the HMS also with labview. Although right now I am trying to get the data that is represented on the following picture.

Can anyone help me with this. Thanks.


What type of help are you looking for? Are there any particular questions with this setup we can help with? Connecting the device to labview would depend on what protocola it can use to communicate with the communicator.

If you are looking for us to create a configuration for you this would be something we could help you with as an engineering service. We would need to work with sales to get a complete understanding of what the project would involve.


If am able to see the HTML that has the data on it, how can I use the modbus tcp to grab the individual parameters.
I would like to test reading and writing to Nominal OD per the document above says its DB0…DB1 and its a word and the range would be 0-65535.
Do I need to setup addition things in the HSM to get the modbus to work?

Hello @Brooks_Nelson,

What Anybus device do you have? Can you provide the article number?

For this response I am assuming you have an AB7072. You can find the modbus mapping in section 2.5 of the AB7072 user guide Please note there are two mapping depending on what mode is configured in the Configuration manager. The mappings show you what modbus register access what section of memory.

No additional setup in required to enable modbus but make sure you have the correct fieldbus type set in your configuration.


I have the AB7007-C

This is what I have so far for the CIP Attribute of labview. If there is any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Brooks_Nelson,

I am no familiar with labview I don’t think i will be too helpful here. If you are using CIP messages you should be able to setup these commands.
Service 0xE Get attribute single
Class: 4
instance 100
Attribute 3

Service: 0x10 Set attribute single
Class: 4
instance: 150
Attribute: 3

If you have an a AB7007 you have the same mapping but you will need to to use the single port option in ACM.

Thank you I am going to try this morning.

Thank you for the help. The labview CIP worked to pull the arrays. Now I just need to convert data to decimal. Again thank you.

Glad to hear you have it reading! Have a good week.