Hms-en2mb-r 3/8


We are trying to communicate from a CompactLogix to some Modbus TCP devices.
At first, we were trying with the AOP found on the Rockwell Website and were always getting “exception code 11 – Gateway traget device failed to respond”.

So, we tried to flash the EN2MB with the current firmware found on Anybus website and, since then, our CompactLogix is not able to lunch the configuration of the EN2MB module.

We can create it, and when we click on the icon to lauch the EN2MB config page, we get a message saying that there is no config file in the module and everyhing just froze. There’s no way we can get back to Logix 5000 from there. the only option is to kill the task from task manager.

Any idea ?


Hi @MartinGarand,

This is an error response from the slave device. From the site : Specialized use in conjunction with gateways, indicates that no response was obtained from the target device. Usually means that the device is not present on the network.
So the anybus was working fine but the server it was communicating with was not getting a response from the slave. Was this a tcp to serial device or a tcp server with multiple node id’s?

As for its current state it sounds like the firmware might not have flashed correctly. Did you get any errors in the Firmware manager and can you share a screenshot of the studio 5000 error? if you hover over the button in the taskbar is there a hidden window perhaps?

If it was a bad firmware flash you should be able to write the firmware though the firmware manager.