HMS-EN2MB-R adding tags to a Compact Logix 5380 controller

I am working on an existing system that someone else put in service. It appears the person has already developed the tags with the exception of a few output tags. i am not familiar with the setup of this unit. Do you guys have any literature on how to configure for a Compact Logix 5380 controller. Do you have software for the configuration?


I would review the user manual for configuring the unit.

The only external software for this device is for firmware and IP configuration. Everything else is configured through compact logix, and within the device’s internal software itself.

Meant to attach this as well…

I must be missing something obvious. See attached pics. I have SC1 and SC2 communicating fine. These are 3 separate Screw Compressors that have their own ModBus connection port. I just noticed that the HMS only has connections for 2 ModBus TCP’s. Will I have to add an additional HMS to get data from SC3?


Are you going through a switch, or doing direct connection?
Also i would check the IP setting and ensure they are correctly configured as the there seems to be no data traffic on the Modbus side.

All of the IP addresses correlate together.

Current setup is from HMS Ethernet/IP port 1 to ethernet switch.

SC1 connected to ModBus-TCP port 1 on the HMS. This communicates fine.

SC2 connected to ModBus-TCP port 2 on the HMS. This communicates fine.

SC3- The HMS does not have an extra ModBus-TCP port to plug this in. I have tried to plug in to the spare Ethernet/IP port on the HMS and it still will not communicate. Will I need to add another HMS to the system in order to see this ModBus connection?


You should be able to just plug one ethernet cable into the Anybus Modbus TCP port. If the Switch is connected to all three devices, then traffic will be routed correctly.

If you connect to the switch, are you able to ping the SC3?