HMS-EN2MB-R - Edit Configuration

I am trying to setup new Ethernet IP to Modbus TCP Gateway Module and need assistance !
Managed to successfully open the Configuration manager however unable to perform any edit?
Looks like I can only view the configuration!
highly appreciate your help in this regard.


Make sure you are connected to the Modbus TCP side of the device and the offline with the PLC.

Also, please note that if you have DHCP enabled, you will not be able to change the IP configuration. You will first need to disable DHCP.

Hi Kyle,
Thanks for the reply…
I can only edit the IP address of the Module. Other settings are view only for some reason.
I have attached two snapshots, one showing drop down menu from the HMS video clip and other showing my device screen. As you can see I am unable to disable the DHCP setting or any other setting in the configuration !! All I can do is reset to Factory setting. None of other configuration is editable.
Hope you can understand my issue.

Hi Kyle,
I have managed to found a solution to the issue.
For a strange reason, Configuration Software won’t recognize the mouse click !!!
With Keyboard Up/ Down Arrow, I can edit the configuration.
Not sure, whether mouse is inhibited ?
Anyway, thanks for you feedback.


That’s very strange. I’ve never seen this issue. I would recommend re-installing the Add-On Profile. Please follow these instructions:

Also @AmirBose,

Can I ask what your screen resolution is?


Hi Kyle,
Screen Resolution is 1920 X1080

OK. I would definitely recommend reinstalling the AOP.

I saw this same issue when trying to edit the Modbus Servers - Transaction- Function Code. I could only select the dropdown list items by using the Keyboard, the mouse select would not work. Thanks for the tip.

Same issue. I tried over and over. The HMS IPconfig didn’t even show the device. BootP couldn’t disable DHCP. After clicking it a million times with the mouse, I hit ‘d’ on the keyboard. It changed to disabled.

Hi Texas,

The Modbus side of the device requires the IP to be set via the web interface. Could you share a video so we can forward this issue on to the developers.

It was set on the pseudo-web interface. You just have to use the keyboard and not the mouse. Because I didn’t know that the first time, I tried the other methods that don’t work and came back to this. It’d be nice to do it like the X-gateway and not have to go through Studio 5000. It is working and that’s what really matters. Thanks

Hi Texas,

What version of studio 5000 are you using? Could you also share what resolution screen are you using? I am wondering if this or possibly windows DPI scaling is causing issues with selecting the drop down.