HMS-EN2MB-R link Schneider ION9000 to Studio 5000

I am having trouble establishing communication between a Scheider ION9000 power meter and an Studio 5000 (v.32) using a HMI-EN2MB-R. I don’t know the correct information to configure the transaction.

What is the transaction that you want to perform? What is the data type, and register address?

Have you verified communication with the device?

What is your processor? Later versions of Compact/Controllogix support a ModbusTCP AOI.
Watch this video and see if that clears things up.

ion9000 modbus map
FYI, you’ll need to do some math to convert anything that isn’t straightforward INT16. Most you can take the first 16-bit word, multiply by 65536 (2^16) and add the second, but researching on Rockwell’s knowledgebase should help as well.

Thank you. I will review the information you provided.

Please let us know if you need additional information.

I have reviewed the technical information referenced but I am still struggling to establish communication to the ION9000. I believe that I am not configuring the Transactions correctly. The status LED MTCP is flashing red. Do you have any suggestions for me?

The MSTP red LED means there is a timeout. You will need to verify communciation between the ION and the anybus unit. What are the settings for Modbus Client and Modbus server?

Here is our configuration

Well the issue is that your client and server are on different IP ranges. There is not communication going to each other.

In the video How to connect a Rockwell PLC (EtherNet/IP) and a Modbus-TCP device - YouTube, at the 3:03 mark it says that they don’t have to be in the same range. Is the video incorrect?

The Ethernet IP side and Modbus side dont have to be the Same IP. However the Modbus client and Modbus Server have to be on the same IP range.