HMS-EN2MB-R - Multilin 869 to L72 PLC


I am trying to setup communication from a Multilin 869 to L72 PLC (Studio5000 v33) using a HMS-EN2MB-R.

My tags have data in them, however they are not updating. All LEDs on the HMS-EN2MB-R are green. I can see the values in the 869 change but they seem frozen on the PLC side.

Any ideas?



If you log in to the EN2MB-R and select Transaction Monitor, do you see data actively changing? Are there any errors in the Transaction Monitor?

What are the transactions that are set up in the EN2MB-R?


Data in the Transaction Monitor is frozen too.

Here is the Transaction Overview:

transaction overview



If you have Control/Status word enabled, the most likely issue is that you have not set the device to Run state. You will need to toggle the Control word to run start the communication.

Ok that sounds promising.

Do you think this control bit can be set locally on the Multilin 869?

You will need to set the bit from the Ethernet IP side. The control/status word is use on the Ethernet side to start the communication.


Is this a new transaction that I need to setup? If not, where can I see this control word?


It will not be a new transaction. It will need to be assigned from the PLC to toggle to the Linking device

Ok got it now.

Also, if I change “When Modbus-TCP (Network 2) error” from freeze to clear, then that should tell me if the issue is on the modbus side if I see all zeroes, correct?

Setting the control bit to 1 did not work. Also setting “When Modbus-TCP (Network 2) error” to clear did not work, the data is still frozen.