Hms-en2mb-r : no modbus comms

Hi, I have a HMS-en2mb-r connected to a compact logix L330ER on the ethernet IP side and a eurotherm 3508 process controller on the modbus side.

The compactlogix is talking to the linking device but the modbus side is not. Ie. MTCP light flashing (idle) and no LED for LAN1.

The control logix is set at
The link device ethernet IP side is set at
The link device modbus slave is set at
The eurotherm controller is set at

I have a transaction set to read holding register (fc 3) register 5.
With all this no data is being pulled in giving me the no link error in the transaction monitor.MODBUS TCP LINK (2.8 KB)
I have attached my config file.

Hello @kylej99,

If you are seeing a no link error message this tells us the Linking device is not seeing any communications to the IP address. What do you have the modbus Client IP address configured for and is the modbus client connected to the network? This will be one of the two ports on the bottom of the device.

Are you able to read data off of the modbus server with a PC simulator?


Thanks Deryck,

I think I have traced it to a faulty Comms module in my process controller.