HMS-EN2MB-R to Advantage Temperature Control Unit, Exception Code 11

Comms between 1756-L71 PLC and HMS-EN2MB-R appear good.

On MB side I have 5 identical temp control units, I have their IP addresses set and can ping them. TCU’s have an ethernet to serial converter to connect to the onboard Modbus RTU serial port and serial communications have been set to Modbus/96/1 in the TCUs as Modbus map shows. But all of my transactions are returning Exception Code 11.

I have tried changing Unit ID, I have tried the default of 255, and 1.

I have tried changing starting register/address, I have tried 1, 40000, 40001.

I attached Modbus map for TCU. And screenshot of transaction monitor (first transaction target is not setup/on network).

I need to export config and will upload.

I have five temperature control units, I have set IP addresses on them and can ping them and have also setup communications in TCU’s. TCU’s have ethernet to serial converter on them so I have selected MODBUS/96/1 for the serial settings as the Modbus map tells me to.

All my transactions are reporting exception code 11.

I have tried different UID (255 and 1), and I have tried some different starting register/address values (1, 40000, 40001). But I have not had any luck.

I attached Modbus map, transaction monitor, and CFG file. Am I doing something wrong in setup? What else can I try modifying in config to get things talking?

EN2MB-R Adv TCU.cfg (14.1 KB)

It sounds like there is an issue with the RTU/TCP converter. I would recommend using a Modbus Master emulator like CAS Modbus Scanner to see if you can get a response from the TCU/converter before trying to further troubleshoot the Anybus device.

I have tried using Modbus Scanner to see if I could get a response and so far no luck. I have tried from my laptop (remotely connected via VPN) and from a desktop on the production/plc network but I did not see a response when trying from either of those computers.

I am working on getting a laptop connected to the target device directly to run Modbus Scanner there and then work our way back through network if necessary. Will update as I have more info.