HMS-EN2PB-R fatal error

Hi all,

Few months ago, I was onsite at our constumer to scan the profibus network with a HMS-EN2PB-R module. Scan was succesfull and the configuration was saved in the module.

Next weekend is the commisioning of our project. I noticed that the module has a connection fault in studio 5000 because an incorrect io configuration.
I took a backup configuration from that time, imported in the configuration manager and tried to “download the configuration to EN2PB-R”. When download was almost done, an error occured and the leds MS EN and NS are red => Fatal error.

Can anybody help me? Our commissioning is this weekend so it’s urgent…

Thanks in advance!

Can you just check and make sure that when you remove the device from the network that there isn’t still a device responding to the IP address that this one had. At least from the NS a solid red LED means that there’s an IP conflict

Thanks for your reply,

There are no duplicated IP addresses is the network and I could enter the gateway module in studio 5000. Something went wrong by downloading a configuration to the device.
When I connect to the module by USB, I notice that the state of the HMS-EN2PB-R is failed. All the values at “Ethernet/IP”, “Profibus” and “Configuration” are N/A.
At the moment, I am in contact with HMS via our local distributor.

Can you try and do a firmware update on the device and see if that can get rid of the fatal error LED?

I already dit an software update last Monday. It succeed for the HMS-EN2PB-R part, “Ethernet/IP”, “Profibus” and “Configuration” stays N/A. Leds NS and MS EN stays red.

I think this device may not be recoverable, can you take a look at the RMA procedure seen below?