HMS-EN2PB-R took long time to load configuration Manager

When more remote I/Os Profibus nodes are added, the configuration manager will take a longer time to launch on the next opening after saving the program.
Example, when using Siemen IM155-6 with I/Os cards added. with 5 nodes added, the time taken is around 5 minutes. With more nodes added, say 15 nodes. It will take around 10-15 minutes. This problem does not happen to Profibus devices. Example, flow meters, pressure transmitters etc… The same problem happen to Turck remote I/Os, Excom. The above refer to the offline configuration launching via Studio 5000.

Hi @kinseng,

What version of RSLogix are you using?

Can you share the config file so I can test it?

I am using RSLogix studio 5000 version 24. I have replied to your email with details and attached PLC program

Which email? I did not receive anything.

At this point, I would advise that you create a support case at This will put you in touch with your local HMS Support team. My office will be closing today until 12/27 for Christmas.

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Oh. I think my Email went to the support “”.
I will create a case. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too!

I see that you now have a case in our system. Due to the holidays a response may be delayed a little, but someone will soon get in touch with you to assist with this problem.

Thank you!


I had open a case(case ID #67904) on this issue and closed the issue since they are not able to resolve it. I am not sure if you can further confirm their findings.
Link for the PLC Program with configuration.

Link for the GSD files for Turck remote I/Os, Excom

I will live with it if that is configuration software limitation.

Yes, I agree that it’s a software limitation with the AOP. The only suggestion I have would be to use the AB7800 X-Gateway, which does not use the Add-On Profile: Anybus X-gateway - PROFIBUS Master - EtherNet/IP Adapter

This should be faster as it uses it’s own software independent from RSLogix.