Hello I’m trying to reset to factory defaults as there’s a fatal error duplicate IP address. I cant communicate through the USB port on the front of the module, nor download the Ethernet/RNDIS gadget.
Microsoft Windows 10. Is there an adapter I need or am I doing something wrong? HMS IP Config and BootDHCP both don’t see the module.

Were you ever able to communicate with the device? Did you change the IP address? The default is

You should be able to resolve a duplicate IP address issue without a factory reset.

Maybe your firewall is blocking IP Config? Can you try disabling it?

What are the status’ of the LED lights (red, green, steady, blinking)?

To factory reset, you need to connect to the webpage through the USB port.

We figured it out, I had to use a computer with windows XP to install the RDIS driver to use ip function or the module



OK thanks for the update. It sounds like it was something on the Windows 10 computer (firewall, antivirus, etc.) preventing the RDIS driver from working, because I have used it on Windows recently and it worked fine.