HMS-EN2SE-R--> Click PLC to Rockwell

I am working with an Anybus EN2SE to try and communicate between my plant Rockwell/A-B control system and four “ClickPLCs” on skid mounted units we purchased. I’m using the Anybus in Modbus Master mode, and utilizing RS-485 as my comm cables. All four units are Tx and Rx, but I don’t seem to be getting any actual data (everything is 0).

My config is valid, my checksum is valid. I have the ClickPLC setup in Modbus Slave mode (which apparently doesn’t require any special setup, according to ClickPLC manuals). The OEM sent me a list of Modbus addresses to use ex:

  • Feed Pump Status Bit --> 01 read coil --> 0x40E7–>Bit
    Query: starting address = 0x40E7, Quantity of outputs = 0x0001,
    Response: Byte Count = 0x01, Data Length = 0x0001, Data Location = 0x0000, Operations = No Swapping

  • System Inlet Temperature --> 03 read holding register --> 0x0049–> INT-signed int 16
    Query: starting address = 0x0049. Quantity of registers = 0x0002 (2 byte SINT?)
    Response: Byte count = 2, Data Length = 0x0002, Data Location = 0x0002, Operations Swap 2 bytes

Both are returning 0s in the node monitor.

Does anyone have any advice or tips on this, or can see where I"m being blatantly stupid?

Thank you!

Hi @colingregg,

Can you save the .cfg file and share it?

What is the status of the LEDs on the Anybus?