HMS-EN2SE-R communication with Watlow Modules

Hi, actually im working with an anybus connected to 2 watlow modules in daisy chain (Node 1 and 2); Im able to communicate with the first watlow but the node 2 doesnt response all the time. The led status 5 is flashing green but some times flash red and some times steady red by 2 sec. Could you give some help and advises, please?

If you connect to just the module that’s at node 2, does it seem to work ok? I’m wondering if maybe there’s some kind of timeout issue. Are the serial settings on both of the Watlow devices the same (Baud rate, stop bits, etc.)

Thanks for your answer, yes the serial settings are the same in both, and the terminal resistance is installed in the last one. I have done the test just with node 2 and the issue is still there (intermitent communication) the red 5 is flashing red sometimes… If I connect just to the Node 1 all works perfect… any suggestion?

If it seems to connect fine with node 1 without any issues and it seems to just be having issues with node 2, then I think that there may be some kind of issue with node 2. When you tested the connection with just node 2, were you using the same connector that you used with node 1? Maybe the cable that’s being used with node 2 is damaged or there’s some additional noise being created on the line that’s causing issues?

Hello, is this still an issue?

Hi Tim, thanks for your support; finally I found the solution changing the time between commands to 100ms and in the other hand I took off the end resistance in the loop. All seems good for now. Thanks again.

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Hi @dnino,

Glad to hear ti’s working now!