I am using the HMS-EN2SE-R to receive unsolicited ASCII data from a device.
Receive only.
The device will occasionally send serial ASCII data.
A sample from the device:
eeeeee18OCT07,14:25, D0,94.8,4.64,99.1,37.8,1.5,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0

What is the simplest configuration.

Here is a very basic example that will consume up to 32 bytes of data that some in all at once. The message delimiter is set to 500x10us so you will need this much time in between messages. You will most likely need to increase the variable data object to consume a large number of bytes.

Consume upto 32bytes.cfg (16.0 KB)

Thank You.
I didn’t download to the communicator because it said the config wasn’t compatible with my communicator.
Please see attached config that I created.

I am trying to test using PuTTY terminal with a USB to serial converter on my laptop.
I can have two PuTT terminals communicate successfully if I loop my serial ports together with a null modem cable. So I believe the hardware is OK.

I don’t see any data in the CompactLogix tags if I connect my PuTTY terminal to the communicator.
Would I require a null modem cable to connect to the HMS-EN2SE-R?

Should I see data in the subnet monitor?testx.cfx (1.2 KB)

Can you share the .cfg file.

testx.cfx (1.2 KB)

Hello @efish,

Here is a second config that should remove that error. Consume upto 64bytes delim 500.cfg (16.0 KB)

When you share your config I need the .CFG not the .cfx.


Sorry about that.
I thought I was uploading the .cfg
Please see attached.testx.cfg (16.0 KB)

That looks like it should work. You can use the log feature to see what the data the serial side is seeing then compare it to your consume structure. It looks like this is still only 0x20 bytes long if the data is longer it will not show up on the plc side. You may need to increase the size.


Hi Deryck,

I’m sorry I have been busy on another project.
I hope to get back to this next week.


Ok, thanks for the update let me know when you want to take another look.