HMS-EN2SE-R (generic mode)

We got a HMS-EN2SE-R working with a compact logix inr order to comunicate with a serial device in generic mode and it seams not to work
Need help

Can you please provide some more information? Like, what is the serial device? What have you tried? What isn’t working? Please attach your configuration and any documentation you have for the serial device.


Thank You, We already have comunications using serial using the generic mode, but my questions are:

  1. Could we use the Master mode instead, because the equipment that is communicating with us needs ASCII data?
  2. In th generic mode I use the cyclic update mode, but I want to use change of state on trigger. There is some esample of this or video?
  3. Finally We have two equipments making the same on of them is cot comunnicating, we thing is the serial port, but here in mexico HMS/Risuol will review this item, there is a way to test the serail port of the HMS-EN2SE-R?

Thank you very much.

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Yes you can use Master mode with Generic ASCII, just make sure to use “Add Transaction” instead of “Add Command” (which is for Modbus commands).

You just need to change the update mode to ‘Change on State of Trigger’ and then set the Trigger byte address in the Out area (0x0200).

You will also need to create the trigger byte in the Process Tags Editor (data type is SINT). If you create the trigger byte at 0x0200 then you should save the response data to 0x201.

You should be able to use the Node Monitor (right click on Node) and/or the Logging feature (icon to the right of Connect and Disconnect icon), to see if you are receiving data on the serial port.

AbouyLast question, yes we use that but no response…

Atthached, no other way to check fisically this port?


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You could use serial port testing software or connect with another known good serial device and cable.

Are you sure your serial settings are correct? Have you tested the the slave with a Modbus scanner like CAS Modbus scanner?