HMS-EN2SE-R Modbus Communication

Hi All,
I have HMS-EN2SE-R device for writing some data from my Rockwell controllogix PLC (ethernet modbus TCP CLIENT/Master) (studio5000 software) to third party device (RS-485 SLAVE). Now, i have connected Modsim software to the RS-485 Port of HMS-EN2SE-R and i am getting some data on holding register (i.e. my converter is continuously writing some data on that address). I have connected the modscan software to the ethernet port of the HMS-EN2SE-R but it is not getting communicated. Need a suggestion as i am using this device for first time

The EN2SE-R is meant to only be connected to an RSLogix Controller using Ethernet/IP. It doesn’t support Modbus TCP.

If you want to connect a Modbus TCP Master to Modbus RTU slaves, look at the ABC3028.