HMS-EN2SE-R Serial Setup

Yes, I am trying to setup a HMS_EN2SE-R anybus module with ControlLogix 5572 and a Serial port on a weight scale controller(that previously had a RS232 scanner hooked to the port) the purpose is to send the 16 digit serial # from the plc to the scale controller. Could you tell me the recommended anybus setup to accomplish this?


In the configuration manager for this device, if you hit the log button are you seeing anything on the RX side? Have you already setup the baud rate/parity bit/slave id/etc so our device can talk to your serial device?


I don’t think I’m at that point yet. I’m trying to get the setup in the module and rs5000 correct. I setup the module as generic data mode and the subnetwork baud is 9600, 8 bit, no parity and 1 stop bit. Rs232 physical standard. I want to send data from the plc via Ethernet to the scale controller via serial thru this module? The scale controller just has a serial port which I’m using this device to that used to have A serial cable scanner plugged into. I’m asking how would I setup this module to send from the plc to the scale controller, do I need to use produce consumed commands or develop process tags in/ out? Thanks

I created a produce tag and now see the data in the TX field in the log, but none in RX. Also light number 5 on the module is red, I guess that means transaction error/ timeout or subnet stopped. How would I start the subnet or figure out what the issue is?

Hi @Henriksen399,

You’re on the right track. You would create a produce transaction in generic data mode. I assume the 16 digits are ASCII? That would be a Data Length of 16 bytes. It sounds like there will be no response in this case? (No Rx) So you would have 16 bytes output and 0 bytes input. Follow the example in the User Manual to create the Process tags and download to the Anybus. Then download to the PLC and you will see your tags in Studio.

Keep in mind that there are different update modes that you can use. You may want to use on Data change, which will only send the data when it updates. That will get rid of the LED 5 error you are getting now because you have it doing cyclically.

I changed the update mode to data change but the red lights still there. I’m sending the hms 16 bytes in stint structure, does this get sent out of the hms together as a 16 character string? Or how would I set it up to send out together

I’m not sure why LED 5 would be red as the device shouldn’t be expecting a response.

  • Are you using Generic Data Mode?
  • Did you download to the Anybus and then download to the PLC?

The data is sent when it’s updated, so you should be changing the value of all 16 bytes in the PLC and then sending them in one transaction, not sending them one at a time.

Yep, generic mode and I downloaded to both. Can I send you the config file to look at?

Yes, please send me the cfg file and also make a log and save to a txt file.

Keep in mind, it’s possible for the device to operate properly even with the Red LED 5. Is the scale receiving the data?