HMS-EN2SE-R Timeout Fault

I have a HMS-EN2SE-R and I am getting a timeout fault (#204). I was able to setup the IP address of the device and configure it but I am still getting this fault. Can I send a config file and our serial device settings to verify that they should work?



Hello Ryan,

You can respond to the post and upload the file for this unit.

GenericDataModeLaser.cfg (16.0 KB)

Thanks. Ryan

This is the laser AllPrint Basic Manual.
Manual AllprintBasic 1.x Alltec EN.pdf (2.4 MB)


I’m having trouble setting up the HMS-EN2SE-R configurator. The device has a timeout fault and I’m not seeing Rx data in the log. Can you help troubleshoot?
Ryan Adrian

Is there a switch between the PLC and linking device?

If so, can you try connecting the HMS-EN2SE-R directly to the PLC with an Ethernet cable and see if that makes a difference?

When you say there is a timeout fault, are you talking about the EthernetIP or serial side? Which device shows the fault?

Looking at your PDF, which protocol are you trying to use, timeout, EOTSUM, or did you create a protocol using the AllprintBasic protocol? If you created your own, please share it with us.

To answer your questions:
-I used the AllPrintBasic protocol
-The fault appears on the HMS device itself
-There isn’t a switch between the PLC and the linking device. I tried to connect directly to the linking device and it didn’t work.

Thanks for looking into this. Ryan

Hello Ryan,

Unfortunately, we do not have a documentation examples of working with AllPrintBasic Protocol.

I advise running tests with a terminal and working with the OEM to find were the communication is failing.

Thanks for taking a look at this. What operation mode do you think has the best chance of success?



I’m not sure I’m in the best position to answer that Ryan as I’m not sure what the goals of the project are, but for the low-level protocol, EOTSUM looks like it would be manageable with the EN2SE-R.

I would use a terminal to do the testing with your serial device before configuring the EN2SE-R. It will be a lot easier to troubleshoot.