HMS-EN2SE-R to a SLC 5/03 DF1 serial port

We are trying to get comms to from the HMS-EN2SE-R to a SLC 500 (5/03) DF1 protocol 9-pin Dshell RS232 serial port.

Is there some setup guide for this application? (or similiar to Df1 allen bradley device)

I dont know if the en2se is a DCE ot DTE so we have tried 2 - 2; 3-3 and also 2-3; 3-2 configurations on the wriing.

we have tried full duplex but then switched to half duplex cus looks like the linking device can only do DF1 half duplex

the SLC defaults to node id of 1 when in 1/2 duplex. But what is the node id of the linking device? does it matter for a one to one connection?

baud is 9600, n, 8, 1 CRC no handshaking on both ends

then bit confusing on the register setup … just trying to get a test of reading N7:0 (integer) … so on linking device it is two bytes then ??? file 7? starting 0 length 2

We have beeing using the node monitor expecitng to see the value of 13 but always see two boxes with zero.

on the bottom of the config tool we get two green status states for config? and something else but a red indicator on the checksum valid.

HELP :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

Have you read the chapter on DF1 in the User Manual (page 58)?

The wiring diagram is on page 102.

You are correct, for DF1, the EN2SE can only act as master and only supports half-duplex.

The checksum invalid means the config file doesn’t match with the PLC config and you need to download to the PLC.

There is an update for the device on the Product Page.

We have a video on configuring the DF1 master mode here that might be helpful. It is for the Communicator which is virtually identical to the EN2SE except that it has a separate config tool instead of the AOP built-in to RSLogix, so you can disregard the Eth/IP setup part.

Let me know if this helps or if you have other questions.


running frm 4.07 (what it shipped with) … on the Update Firmware page, the Firmware Download is Greyed out. Looking in the manual on page 34 … that image shows the Firmware Download button greyed out as well. How do you get it to be “not greyed out”

You don’t update the firmware using that page.

The instructions are in the Firmware Update Package in the ReadMe file.

The firmware is automatically updated by the Add On Profile.

LOL thanks.

I don’t know what I was thinking that firmware would be downloaded by the “Firmware Download” button.

So we use the “Factory Restore” button underneath the “Firmware Download:” button to change the firmware.

My bad for not reading the readme.txt with the firmware zip. But common you have to see where this was not intuitive. LOL

OK getting back to this. Got the unit running talking from a 5/03 DF1 1/2 duplx 9600 baud to the EN2SE.

Tags show up in a Clogix controller.

All good… EXCEPT…

When the power cycles on the EN2SE the LED # 5 goes red and then the serial comms becomes “flakey” it will read but seeming at a much slower rate. The update rate is 30ms, but once the LED goes red (subnetwork) then it updates like at like 500 ms or slower.

Basically just want it to go back to normal comms after a power cycle. The only way to get a green LED again is to re-download the configuration tohte EN2SE via the AOP and then it goes green and is firing on all cylinders … but once power is cycled on the EN2SE again it goes back to the Red LED “slow mode”

Can you share the .cfg file by exporting the config?

Have you tried increasing the Retries or the Timeout time? (You can disable the timeout by setting to 0.)


When the EN2SE-R is power cycled, are the slaves also power cycled? Maybe they take a little longer to come up and the linking device initially thinks they are offline and polls them at the inactive poll time.

Attached is CFx file

I went back and slowed down the data rate to 200 ms same effect.

I tried changing the poll inactivity timer, no effect

I tried changing the timeout time to 0, it stopped talking altogether, no serial comms.

No the PLC stays running … I’m only cycling power on the EN2SE only everything else is still powered up and running.

billplcguy_export.cfx (4.42 KB)

I asked for the .cfg file. The .cfx file doesn’t have anything useful for troubleshooting.

But this issue sounds exactly like what the 4.8 firmware update was supposed to fix. Can you double check that it installed right?


Hope had a great Labor Day. I sent you an email in response to your last guidance. I’m unsure how to confirm the correct firmware loaded.

The firmware is uploaded to the device by the AOP.

You need to replace the df1.a37 file in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\HMS\HMS EtherNet_IP Linking Device Module Profile\Serial\DF1’ with the attached file.

df1.a37 (237.6 KB)

Yup, that is what I did.

As a check, I took your file and did a cmd prompt file compare function (FC) and it confirmed the same file.

What is next?

Run a factory restore:

Tools menu, choose options, choose Module Tab, click on Factory Restore
in the add on profile windows GUI.

The factory restore is to make ensure the EN2SE-R is loaded with the
Modbus firmware and then it will automatically load the new DF1 firmware
when changing to DF1 Mode or loading a DF1 configuration.

Now you should test again to see if you still experience the same issue after a power cycle.

Kyle, I’m sorry, I should have been clearer.

I already have done that. What I should have clarified was the next steps seeing it has the properly updated firmware.

What I was hoping for was some method to actually verify in the unit itself that the firmware was loaded correctly through the factory restore.

No, I don’t think so. It’s not an entire firmware package, it’s just for DF1. The device gets the firmware from the PC, so if you replaced the file, it will be getting the new DF1 firmware.

OK thx. I’m certain I follow the readme instructions to the tee, so the updated DF1 firmware must be in it.

So back to my previous question. What is the next step? did the CFG file shed any light?

I send the CFG in a responce email, cus I did not know how to upload files here, but I figured that out now, so here is the CFG file again.

Here let’s try this … do you have an SLC and ComapactLogix controller to test with? I’ve tested this with 3 EN2SE units with the same result … read some data from a SLC … unplug just the EN2SE and then reconnect, everything else stays up. Does it do the same thing where it LED 5 goes RED and then the data rate drops waaaay down?

No, I do not have an SLC. I can escalate this case, but you’ll first need to create a case at

OK thx done… Ticket 62231

OK great. I’ll make sure it’s escalated. But first, can you take a serial log of the traffic, before and after the power cycle (Tools > Start Logging)?

Also, if you change the Retries, does it make the “delay” shorter or longer?


Another thought, have you tried the Trigger option? Does it still happen?