HMS-EN2SE-R won't update AOP


I am unable to figure out why the EN2SE-R won’t update the Studio5000 tags after I’ve made a change to the configuration and downloaded to the gateway.

  1. go offline with the controller
  2. connect to gateway through the module properties to the configurator
  3. import saved configuration
  4. Download configuration to gateway
  5. disconnect, confirm I would like to update Studio500
  6. click ok on the other windows.
  7. check controller tags and the updates I made are not there…

I’ve restarted my PC, cycled power to the gateway and to the PLC…
I confirmed by ‘monitoring the node’ that the changes I made are valid, so why aren’t the tags showing up after I’ve downloaded to the device? Its appears that the download isn’t taking?

Hello @smiskell ,

Make sure you are also applying the changes in the module properties.