HMS feedback


I Haven’t had time to look into this… Likely not logged on your tech support call either, since it sounds like it was on the weekend… but Thought I would pass it along…
I was away last week on training. Funeral tomorrow…Might take me a while to get details but……
If Mike Davey can’t get something to work…. We probably have a real issue.

He requested RTA card originally, and we persuaded him to go with HMS.|01||d8010459e5874134b9ef08d75ba99d58|933c9cbe35d34416abbdddd1bca5879c|0|0|637078656389988527&sdata=GTsBvqM57sNcBFaHGPXarS2wDztw1saWDrC20bDwwwo%3D&reserved=0

From a very good customer….
These anybus modules are terrible. Drew and I have been working all weekend trying to get one of them to work. Keeps crashing, have to download to the processor every little change, can you please get me the pricing on the real time automation modules I originally asked for?



I would recommend swapping out that linking device for the AB7072 in this case. The issues that they are having are related to the Add-on Profile.


@Simon_hms I just got off the phone with the customer. We are going to have to swap these out for AB7072s in order to make this client happy. Having to download due to the AOP is a non-starter for him. He said he may not have all packaging, etc.