HMS Gateway Connection Issue

Good Morning,

I have a HMS-EN2MB-R linking device I am trying to use between a TechMan cobot and an AllenBradley CompactLogix PLC. Last week, I was able to configure the gateway through Studio 5000 and the HMS add-on, but wasn’t having any luck reading and writing bits to the cobot. This morning, I removed the linking device from my ethernet tree in the PLC and was going to re-do the setup procedure. Since then, I have been unable to configure the device within Studio 5000 or connect to the web client.

I do know the linking devices IP address (, but I can’t see the device through the HMS IPConfig tool. I can’t connect to the web client either (I get an HTTP Error 400). Connecting via USB, I can see the device through my device manager tree, but can’t connect as it can’t find drivers to install. I have verified there are no IP address conflicts, and have tried multiple PCs to ensure it wasn’t with any one specific machine. If I add the linking device in the PLCs module tree (since I know the IP address) I get a fault for Code16#0127 Connection Request Fail: Invalid Output Size.

I was hoping to get some help getting connected with this device again, whether it be factory resetting the device and starting over, or some other method that I haven’t tried. Thank you for your assistance.

It sounds like you can’t reach it due to a routing problem on your PC, because when you configure the PLC, the PLC is communicating with it, it just has the wrong I/O sizes. Try disabling your WiFi or any other network adapters except for the one connected to the machine network. Also, try connecting directly to the device instead of through a switch. You could connect the PC to one port and the PLC to the other.

As far as reading/writing to the serial device, we have some good troubleshooting articles like this one:

I would recommend taking a log (Tools > Start Logging) to make sure you have coms on the serial side.

Thank you for the help Kyle. After some more digging, found that the bridged adaptor in the VM I was using was configured incorrectly. I’ve got the robot and PLC communicating now.