How can I determine the IP address of my eFive?

I have an eFive that has been configured and its IP address changed. How can I determine the IP address of my eFive to access the web management portal?


If you are unsure of your eFive’s IP address, the best method would be to terminal into the device using a console cable. Because most computers nowadays don’t have serial ports, it’s also best to obtain a USB to serial adapter as well. Once you terminal into the eFive using a program like PuTTY, its IP address will be prominently displayed.

An example of the type of cable you will need is linked below.

I have the same problem, can you send me the pinout of the serial cable (DB9)?

Hi @Abdelaziz.

It uses the standard serial cable pinout for DB9:

like this scheme db9-serial-rs232-female-to-female-straight-line-cable-cp-c-030-yongmf83-1708-30-yongmf83%403%20(2)

Hi @Abdelaziz.

Are you connecting from this DB9 port on the eFive to a DB9 port on a PC? If so you’ll have to follow the pinout for a null modem as several lines have to be swapped between the two ends, such as RX and TX, that are on the same pins on both ends but have to be swapped such that one end is transmitting to the other end’s receiver.

Here is more detail about constructing a null modem adapter/cable, including pinouts: