How can I make Modbus I/O server instantaneous tag values available as OPC UA data?

I have an Ewon Flexy 205.

How can I make data from Modbus I/O server available as OPC UA data?

I am trying to test out the OPC UA client/server but I do not have a physical PLC. Therefore, I am using a Modbus simulator to simulate real-time data. I have configured the Modbus tags and also successfully polled data from Modbus TCP.

I believe after you have created tags that are reading from your modbus device, you should be able to enable the Ewon’s OCPUA server. After that you may need to give your client the certificate information unless you’re setting it up as anonymous

I have configured the OPCUA Server as follows:

Here is the Tag configuration:

However, after configuring the OPCUA Server and enabling the OPCUA IO Server for Topic A, the status of the tag is unknown.

Why is this so? And can Ewon Flexy be configured as both the OPCUA Server and Client concurrently?

Did you manually type in that address or was that a selectable value in a drop-down list? Can you also try and create a status tag for that OPCUA IO server and tell me what value it is returning?

I believe that both should be able to be used at the same time, but if you disable the server are you able to read that tag value without any errors?

That address was selected from the drop-down list.

I created the status tag as follows:

It is also returning an “unknown” status.

I see, that is really strange, it must be communicating with the device if it sees those addresses in the dropdown

Could you get me a backup.tar file of the device with support files included?

It seems like the backup.tar file is empty.


Did you get that file from eBuddy?

Hi @ng.ta,

I haven’t heard back from you in a little while so I’m going to mark this ticket solved for now, but feel free to respond back and I’ll reopen the ticket