How do i get data from an s7 1200 plc onto argos with an ec360?

we have an ec360 connected to an s71200 plc from the lan port via an ethernet switch. The plc is connected to 3 water chillers via Modbus rs485 with the plc as master. All the data we want is held in a data block in the plc. How do we get this data to the cloud? We have established connection to the plc and remote access works ok, we just don’t understand how to set up gateway settings, devices and templates to achieve what we want.


We have this information in the Argos Administration Manual (Link Below)

It will walk you through the process of setting up the template to get tags from the s71200 PLC.

thanks for the reply but I have been through the manual and I still don’t understand. If I have 16 bit values in a datablock how, exactly, do I access tem? should I use Modbus or ethernet ip? if I use ethernet ip what are class instance and attribute?

If the PLC fieldbus is Profinet then unfortunately you cannot do what you’re thinking.
Netbiter EC360 works with any fieldbus for Remote Access but for Plant View/Production Data we ended up using additional hardware (protocol converter gateways)

You can spend weeks trying to use the multiprotocol functionality of the S7 PLCs but the time delays caused by the PLC to process data on both fieldbus is what matters. For a small system i dont think its a big deal but if your’re controlling high tech stuff with robots then you cannot risk it and its not classified as good practice.

Hello @Nare_Prathipati,

The netbiter has modbus TCP&RTU support along with some support for ethernet IP. It looks like @lambs was using modbus RTU. You are correct if they were trying to go directly to the S7 with the netbiter it might have issues. An Ewon Flexy might be a better fit for an application like this.

It has more protocol support.

Ethernet to Serial Gateways MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU; XIP to UNITELWAY; EtherNet/IP™ to DF1; FINS TCP to FINS Hostlink; ISO TCP to PPI, MPI (S7) or PROFIBUS (S7); VCOM to ASCII.
Data Acquisition Protocols OPC UA, MODBUS/RTU, MODBUS/TCP, Unitelway, DF1, PPI, MPI (S7), PROFIBUS (S7), FINS Hostlink, FINS TCP, EtherNet/IP™, ISO TCP, Mitsubishi FX, Mitsubishi melsec, Hitachi EH, ASCII, BACnet/IP. Stored in 2500 internal tags.