How do you connect to a device with HMS Profinet Master Simulator?

How do I connect to a profinet device using a GSDML file in the Profinet Master Simulator?


Here is a short video showing the process for adding a device and connecting to it.

Keep in mind is you will want to have the ethernet adapter on your PC in the same subnet as the device.
You can set the name and IP using the simulator, this is not a required step if the device has already been named.


Hello Deryck,

one more question: to use the Profinet Master Simulator for parameter requests (Window-> Parameter) one has to use Slot_0 /Sub_1 and the Index plus data length.
Doing a read request on: slot0/sub1/index 1/data length 0, i receive an error respond. The debug print in the terminal shows the read request on Object 0xFE with <data length 0> and <index 1> and <CmdExt0 0x05>. While i can see the relation between <data length 0> and <index 1>, I can not see where <DestObject 0xFE> is coming from - in fact, it should show <0xF6> for the Profinet_IO Object -
I learned from the “ABCC Profinet network manual p.13” that the Profinet index has a range from 0 to 0x7FFF and correlates 1:1 with the ADI’s. Does that mean that I have to mapp the parameters explicitly with ADI’s so that I can call them via the Profinet Simulator using the #index ?
Or do I only have to re-configure the abcc driver software by using some TRUE/FALSE settings in the config file <abbc_obj_cfg.h>?
Thanks, Ralf


Object 0xFE the Application data object contains all the Application Data Instances ADI’s. You can find more info in the software design guide 13.4. There is also info related to acyclic access in section 3.4 of the Profinet network guide.
Cyclic data, done though IO data, done though mapping configured with the Network Profinet IO object 0x0E or in regards to how the Real Identification 4.4 is setup. You are accessing the same ADI’s from 0xFE.


I watched the video and feel like I’m doing all of the steps correctly, but I can’t get my device to connect. I can successfully ping it from a command prompt. I can change its name and IP parameters in the Device Management (Select a Device) area. I can also get it to flash an LED when I click the Identify button. However, there is still an LED on the device that never goes off that indicates that there is no Profinet connection available. I loaded and configured the GSDML file, but when I hit Start it doesn’t connect. I get a Time Out error. What should I try next?


Hi Rick,

I was reviewing this video and am just seeing your post. My guess here is that you are not assigning a device name. If that is not the case something else with the device setup or selection might not be correct.