How do you connect to a PLC via ecatcher VPN?

I have my VPN Tunnel open and my ip address established. But I don’t understand what i’m supposed to do in portal to make the plc connect through the vpn.


Are you using TIA portal with a Siemens PLC?

We have steps on our site on how to see your device in TIA portal

Yes I am.

I tried to use that tutorial previously but i must be missing something. When I get to step 2 of the procedure it doesn’t let me go online. It says “not configured” under Device Address. I’m using a Flexy with a cellular modem. I don’t understand what i’m supposed to select under PG/PC Interface.

I believe you will select your eCatcher TAP adapter in that location.

Would you be available for a phone call?
You can send me a private message if you’d like to have a teamviewer session.

Ok I will send you a private message a little later today.

Update: I had to enable discovery mode and things started working better. Thanks!

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Thank you for the update, i’m sure this will be helpful to others.

If anyone else is looking to enable broadcast forwarding or PLC discovery in the eWON then you can do that by following the instructions provided here:


I can’t find Siemens components anymore over the eWON VPN. Even after following all the steps in the provided pdf.
A month ago I didn’t have problems with this… (Windows 10 update??)

Tested it with TIA15 and TIA Automation Tool (free download).
TIA portal still remembers how to connect with the PLC and I can go online and download changes. But can’t reach the HMI…


Hi Ben,

Have there been any changes to the the remote network that you are aware of? Can you confirm that everything there is still up and running and connected? Are you just trying to connect with TIA software or have you tried pinging, web or vnc portal?

Please attach a backup of the eWON for us to review. This is created using eBuddy, make sure to check “Include Support Files” and respond to this email w/it attached.

Thank you,

Hello Kyle,

My problem is resolved.

When you want to perform a download to a Siemens HMI screen over vpn you need to change this:

  • stop the runtime
  • set the Settings/Transfer/Transfer Channel -to- Ethernet
    Located in the HMI itself.

Then for downloading in TIA Portal you use Ethernet instead of PN/IE as interface type.

That’s just downloading to existing components in a TIA portal project.
I can’t get the discovery of components working on my Windows 10 PC using the latest ecatcher software, tested this on several eWON’s.

You can test this using the SIMATIC Automation Tool: (no licenses needed)

Try disabling the firewall on your PC and see if that makes a difference. If so, you will want to whitelist that program.

Also, please make sure you are using the latest eCatcher 6.3.6 and eWON firmware 13.2s0.

Hello Kyle,

Above tests were no success. Send the files using private messaging.

Hi, Kyle. I have problem when trying online TIA via eCatcher. TIA possible to find accessible device via eCatcher but when I try to online it fault: Connection could not be established.

I have problem when trying to connect with s7-1500(TIA V15) throught eCatcher.
Every config was done flowing to Manual from EWON.
Connection between my PC & FLEXY was established. PC was succesful connect to FLEXY (Ping test).
But it fail when I try to ping test PLC & HMI (Siemens TP1200).
Using accesible tool of TIA via TAP-Window Adapter V9. I could found PLC & HMi but could’t to connect.





Please let me know what should I do to solve this problem. Thank in advance.