How get activation code

I make factory reset for my device how can I get activation code

You can get the activation code in eCatcher in the Ewon’s Properties. Click the ‘Talk2m Connectivity’ tab.

Yes or no

‘admin’ is default username. If you forgot your username or password, click “Forgot Password?” on the sign in page in eCatcher.

After I put admin
And activation code give this photo

Oh, is this a Netbiter or Ewon?

Please provide the MAC ID or serial number.


Please provide the MAC ID or serial number.

Mac I’d: 003011FD2808

I will send you a private message with the activation key.

Hi Kyle…I have the same issue as Ahmed…
I performed a factory reset and now I’m stuck with the blank login and password.

My device MAC is 0030:11FD:1806

If you could help, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!

Sent DM.

Just an FYI to anyone seeing this post in the future, there is a new process for recovering lost activation codes:

This document is created to help you, as an HMS customer, to obtain your Netbiter Activation Code.


All Ewon Netbiter devices


To be able to receive the activation code for your Ewon Netbiter device you need to be the legal owner of the device.

If the Netbiter is activated on an Argos account, then we take the company of the account Administrator as the legal owner.

If the Netbiter is not activated then we take the company which purchased the Netbiter as the legal owner, on our records this may be a channel partner.



If you are the legal owner as described earlier, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the attached Netbiter - Activation Code request.pdf at the bottom of this page and complete the request form.
  2. Create a support ticket at HMS Support Portal and attach the document with a short explanation of your request.


When we have received the form, we will check our records and if we are satisfied that your company is the legal owner of the Netbiter device, and any data that it is logging, we will supply a replacement activation code document.

If we do not recognise your company as the legal owner, we will reply with an explanation and suggestion as to what to do next. If you know that your Netbiter it not registered on an Argos account and you did not purchase from HMS Networks directly, it is suggested that you ask your supplier to request the activation code on your behalf to speed the process up.

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