How to change 'TagId'


how can the ‘TagId’ be changed? I have tags and they seem to have ‘TagId’ in order of creation. can this be changed?



Let me run a few tests and I can answer later today.

We do not have any documentation that shows the ability to change Tag ID, i will need to ensure that making any changes does not comprimise the tag.


Hi, just checking if there are any updates? Thank you.



I apologize for the delay.

You can change the Tag ID. However, if you are not careful with the changes, tags can be made and/or new tags can be created with junk data. The tags do no change the order whinch they appear either.



WHy do you need the Tag ID changed?

I downloaded the tag ids again and they did revert to the previous state. THe ID’s are a 1 time use.


I want to re-order them, their order is a mess currently.

How/where did you change them? Can it be a future improvement to make them changeable?



The Tag ID’s can be altered on the var_lst.txt and var_lst.csv. However, as stated above the TagID’s do revert to their previous value. The only way to alter the order is to delete and readd the tags in the order your would like.

Currently, we do not have any plans to make this possible on a future update.


Thanks - curious, can I delete all tags in a device, then use the .txt and .csv files to add them in a batch vs. manually one-at-a-time with the web interface?


The most effiecient way is to add them through the UI of the device.

By adding the paramters within the file manually, may errors can occur that may not be recoverable through the UI of the device.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks - although ‘efficient’ is all relative when there are 300+ tags to add manually one-at-a-time via the UI. If you can ask the developers to look into a tag import/export function (from .txt or .csv) that would be really helpful, thanks!