How to change the min, max, and default values for ADI on the M40

I am using the AnyBus Ethernet/IP M40 module.
I’m in the testing phase, looking at the manual.

I imported the appl_adimap_speed_example.c file and mapped the ADI as per the manual.
I checked through the web page and was able to access and modify the parameter values for Speed and Ref_Speed as normal.

However, I can’t change the values of Min, Max, and Def.
It is always { 0, 0xFFFF, 0 }.

What do I need to do in the appl_adimap_speed_example.c file to change the values of Min, Max, and Def other than change the value of the appl_sUint16Prop variable?

Thank you.

In abcc_obj_cfg.h, the AD_IA_MIN_MAX_DEFAULT_ENABLE entry was disabled.

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