How to change the state from pre-operational to operational programatically in c#


I need to change the state of sensor from pre-operational to operational, and for this we need to send 0100 to node ID 000, but how to send this programatically. I created a can message of type ICanMessage.
ICanMessage canMsg1 = (ICanMessage)factory.CreateMsg(typeof(ICanMessage));
canMsg1.TimeStamp = 0;
canMsg1.Identifier = 0x000;
canMsg1.FrameType = CanMsgFrameType.Data;
canMsg1.DataLength = 2;
canMsg1.SelfReceptionRequest = true;
and have set the above parameters as well.
I need to send 01 00 on checking if the data received is 7F. how do i send this value to node ID 000 ? Can anyone help?

Hello @Swathyyy ,

This seem is might be a little beyond what we can support though our support team on the forum as it seems a bit specific to the protocol. You may have more luck though your local support team though
Looking over the documentation for the VCI driver it looks like you are doing something similar to the example in the .net guide. Setting the CANid to 0x000 should be setting the ID to 0. I would expect you just need to add the data to the message and then transmit it.