How to configure Fujitsu Halycon Wi-Fi Adapter to lower temp when threshold met

I have the
Fujitsu Halycon Wi-Fi Adapter in my airbnb Vacation rental and renters habitually abusing the units and utilities. Ex: Heat on set to 78 all day while out, come back and AC is on set to 68. real abuser renters who will be here for 2 months. I can log in and manually reset temps or power off, create a scene to power off at x time, or lower temp, but what I need is ability to create a scene that

checks the current temp and if threshold is true, perform X. X being lower temp.

If the

Fujitsu Halycon Wi-Fi Adapter is not the unit I need to achieve this, what Wifi unit is please.


Hello @RJStroebel,

I don’t think you will be able to use the AC cloud service it self to have a if then style setting. You can setup calendar pattern you could use this to set the temp every day.

We also have some integration with but i am not sure if this would allow you to check the setpoint.


Thank you,
Its in an Airbnb rental,
Renters go out and leave AC or Heat on wasting very costly CA energy costs.

Thanks again

It looks like the Inteisis AC cloud might not work for this application.


Do you guys have a tech support number we could call from the USA?


We do not have a tech support number for Intesis Units. You can create case on our ticketing system and schedule a call. However, you will need to explain what the issue is, so that we can be prepared.

You can create a case at Home · Customer Self-Service