How to connect Cosy131 to customer's WIFI?


Dear Representative,
This is the 1st machine for me to install & set up Cosy 131 communication.

We have a machine on the field with Cosy 131 installed on it. Before the machine left the plant we set up the communication to the PLC through Cosy 131 and our public WIFI.

On my laptop Opening eCatcher, the machine is shown on the list as offline.
Tomorrow the end user will provide WIFI, but I do not know how to establish connection between the Cosy and their WIFI.
Typically, like on laptop or smart phone, the WIFI passcode has to be entered on the device.
How can the customer establish communication between his WIFI and the Cosy 131?

Best regards



They will have to enter the cosy 131 web page on the LAN side using the IP address or on eBuddy clicking the open browser button. from there they will have to run the internet wizard and input their WiFi settings.