How to connect Flexy to openvpn server




I followed the instructions in other topics, but I was not able to connect a Flexy to an openVpn server.
Can I have a more detailed guide or an example configuration for the Flexy?



We don’t have a step-by-step guide for this as we don’t support using your own openvpn server and rarely get asked about it, but we do have some documentation available. Have you read this:


Yes I read this pdf, but I wasn’t able to connect to an OpnVPN Access Server.
In my company we have more or less 150 ewon spread in different plants, and now we need to switch the connections from e-five to a virtual OpenVPN Access Server inside our company network. Have you some other documentation or link?




Hi Paolo,

I can try to help you out, but first need to know: Do you have experience setting up an OpenVPN environment and only require the specifics for eWON? Or, have you not worked with OpenVPN before, and you are you looking for information in general on how to set up an OpenVPN environment and get it working with your eWONs?



Hi Kyle,

our IT team set up the OpenVPN environment, and what I need now is the specifics for the eWON.




The specifics are all in the document I sent. What is happening? What kind of errors are you getting?


If you need more help, you can follow the process described in this thread:

Especially this part:

You will need the ca certificate, client certificate and then client key file. All three files should be generated by your server. You would then need to put them into the usr directory of the eWON with the client.ovpn file. Below is an example of a working client.ovpn file.

dev tun
proto tcp
port 8080
resolv-retry infinite
keepalive 10 60
verb 1
ca "ca.crt"
cert "client.crt"
key "client.key"

Finally, after updating or adding all of that you will need to tell your eWON to use a custom vpn file. You can use the file below to update the pertinent field however you will need to rename the client.ovpn to whatever your .ovpn file is named.

COMCFG VPN Update: comcfg.txt (29 Bytes)