How to connect with hyper terminal to an anybus x gateway



You can access the module though hyper terminal with the following zip. There is a readme.txt that provides detail on the com port settings.
X-gateway and (453.5 KB)

Let me know the results once you check the status of the modules though hyper terminal.


This is Brian Milne. Once I have Hyper Terminal connected to the gateway and load the “Anybus” file, is there something that I need to do once connected? Is there a report I need to run?

When you first connect you should see something similar to this screen shot. If there is an error detected with the module you should see it here.

Hi Deryck,

I did see information from your screen shot. And all 3 had OK on my screen. I have a PDF file that I created. I tried doing an Upload and Download and I was getting Synchronisation errors.

Anybus X-gateway - HyperTerminal.pdf (17.6 KB)

Let me know what you think.


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