How to Find Product Codes on Ewon Device

This article is for finding the sticker location that has the serial number and Product Number [Article Number] on an Ewon Device. This will include Netbiter EC3xx, Flexy, Cosy 131, Cosy+, Extension cards, and Legacy products such as Ewon CD and Cosy 141.

In this article:

Topic 1: Ewon Cosy, Flexy, and extension card 

Topic 2: Ewon Netbiter EC3xx 

Topic 3: Ewon Legacy 


List all the product groups/specific part numbers this article is applicable to :

Ewon Flexy 
Ewon Cosy 
Ewon Flexy Extension cards 
Ewon Netbiter 
Ewon Legacy 

Find Product Sticker on a Cosy 131, Cosy+ and Flexy:

The product number on an Ewon device can be found on the left side of the device and should look like the following:

Netbiter Product Number location:

For the netbiter the product number is located on the back of a EC3xx series Netbiter. The code will start with NB.

For Ewon Legacy devices which include Netbiters that are Pre-EC3xx series:

All product codes are located on the right side of the device. Legacy Netbiters product codes start with NB. Other legacy Ewon devices will have a product code that starts with EW.


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