How to install driver for usb-to-can v2 in jetson nano?

I am planning to use Jetson nano to control motors via usb-can v2. However, we need a guide to choose ECI driver or sockercan? And how to install.

Hi @Jihao,

The drivers are on the Product Page. Each download package has documentation and demo code examples.

I would suggest downloading both SocketCAN and ECI and reading the documentation and examples to determine which you feel would be better for your project.

Here is some more info on the differences (from

What is the difference between the Ixxat ECI and the SocketCAN driver?

ECI Driver

The proprietary driver for Ixxat CAN interfaces is called ECI (Embedded Card Interface). It is available for different operating systems like GNU/Linux, VxWorks, RTX, INtime and QNX. ECI supports the LIN bus found on some Ixxat CAN interfaces as well.

The ECI driver supports the complete set of functions that come with the Ixxat CAN hardware. You’ll need to compile a kernel module which accesses the binary ECI driver.


The SocketCAN concept, on the other hand, is a vendor-independant API including a network layer which is part of the GNU/Linux kernel. The open source Ixxat SocketCAN drivers make Ixxat CAN interfaces compatible to that API.

You may compile the Ixxat SocketCAN drivers towards different target architectures like x86, x64, ARM, ARM64 etc. The result are kernel modules that may be loaded dynamically into memory.

Another advantage is that your SocketCAN based application will run on all CAN interfaces supporting SocketCAN.

Additionally, several applications may access the CAN hardware concurrently, similar how network applications use sockets to exchange data via the Ethernet interface.

However, the LIN functionality of some Ixxat CAN interfaces is not supported since SocketCAN has not been designed for the LIN bus.

For ECI, after unzipping, make sure to check out EciLinux_amd64\help\html\index.html for the full API guide.

You can access the full SocketCAN documentation here: SocketCAN - Controller Area Network — The Linux Kernel documentation

sorry, i followed the guide, but there was something wrong. Is it caused by the CPU of a arm-core, or the environment was not satisfied?

/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/ when searching for -leci130DriverLinux
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -leci130DriverLinux
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:12: recipe for target ‘LinuxEciDemo’ fialed
make: ** [LinuxEciDemo] Error 1

Processing: Screenshot from 2022-12-26 23-13-58.png…

I would recommend creating a case at for further support for this issue. They can put you in direct contact with the IXXAT engineers and developers who work with this driver.