How to load a file into an Ewon Flexy

I have some tag that i have to save in an Ewon Flexy to be available when I reboot the Ewon so I thought about saving them into a file. My question is: how do i load the file in the Ewon? The file will be loaded just once and then modified using a Basic script. I tried modifying a backup and creating the file in the usr folder but when i tried to upload it into the Ewon it didin’t go well.

I tried uploading it with the FTP method but, as you can see by my next post GETFTP Problem, I had some problems

Hello @pegu,

Is this related to the other topic you have open? Can you explain your end goal here? If you are looking to have tags be retained on a reboot you could setup a second memory tag for each and copy the data on to the memory tag based on a timer. Then restore them in them on in the init section on startup.

If you are looking to do all the tags your FTP option might make sense but I would recommend using the instant values file. You might be able modify the FTP option here: How to share data between 2x Flexy - Ewon Support / Ewon Flexy - (

Hi @deryck_hms,
yes this is related to the other post, this morning I wrote this post and then reading the BASIC manual i found out about the GETFTP function and tried to load the file with that.
My end goal is simply to save some tag values in a file to load their values when the Flexy gets eventually rebooted. Those tags are already MEM types, they are telephone numbers and emails used to send alarms with a BASIC Script: basically i have a ViewOn page where the user can input telephone numbers and email, for each data there is a tag that I use to send the alarm through SMS and email with SENDMAIL and SENDSMS functions.
About your solution: I don’t see how creating a second MEM Tag could save the data on reboot (is there a flag somewhere to retain the data value for MEM Tag?). Thanks for the response

It sounds like using the retentive memory tag option might work for you. This is done by setting the topic name for Memory tags to RET.

Ok, thanks a lot, i did’t know about this option. With this i don’t need to load any file in the Ewon. Still I would like to understand why GETFTP it’s not working properly, I’m sure I will have to use this function in the future for other projects.

Great glad this works. I’ll take another look at the GETFTP post and follow up there.