How to migrate eWON from one Talk2M to another remotely

Hi, I remember a few months back there was an update on how one was able to change the Talk2M account that an eWON is connected to. Can you please send me those instructions? I would like to do this remotely, if possible, via eCatcher.

Thank you.

Hi @acj

Due to security changes, this is a feature that is no longer currently available. As of right now the only way to move a device from one account to another is by deleting the device from the previous eCatcher account and then activating it on a new account.

However I’ll check with some colleagues in Belgium to see if this is something that we may have a work around for.
Best Regards,

Hi @acj

It looks like we’ll be able to help you move the deice remotely. My colleague in Belgium was wondering if you could tell us why you wanted to move the device from one account to another?

Hi Tim,

Much appreciated. I forgot to migrate an eWON from an internal account to the customer account, that’s why I’d like to move it.

Thanks for the update,

I’ll make sure to hide your responses so they can only be seen by HMS Internal members but can you tell us the serial number of the device that you’d like to move as well as the account it’s currently in. Could you also let us know what the new account you’d like to put the device into is?

Hi @acj,

We’re hoping to have a better fix to this issue in the future but in the meantime we can help you move this account from one account to the other. When you’re available can you give us a call at 312-893-5636?

I have the same issue. Any update on this?

Hi @jbrown,

unfortunately due to security vulnerabilities we are no longer able to help people remotely move a device from one account to another. We could provide you with a key to remove the device from the old account though if you can show us a picture of the device that shows the serial number of the device. But then you’ll need to be physically present with the device to move it from one account to another.

Let me know if you have any questions,