How to read tags from siemens 1200 PLC

Please help me out in this, need an information that.
I’m having a Rockwell PLC and SCADA system and a Siemens 1200 PLC.

  1. How to read tags from Rockwell SCADA to Ebuddy.
  2. How to read tags from Siemens 1200 PLC to Ebuddy.

to send alarms from ewon flexy to mobile sms.

Hello Chandhu,

Before I get this information together for you. I want to clarify your exact expectations.

Are you looking to display data in eBuddy? Unfortunately, eBuddy is only used for connecting to the ewon unit locally. The Flexy has data configuration through the use of IO servers as highlighted below:

Once you have the Tag information set up, you can use the document below to for alarming.