How to send a private message?


Many times when working with our support engineers, it may be required to exchange personal information. This information should not be shared publicly so how do we do it? This is where private messages come into play.

Send a Private Message

Option 1 (easiest):

  1. Click the name of the member you would like to private message from anywhere on the site (topics, posts).

  2. You will see an option to send a message.

  3. A slightly different text editor will appear. Here is where you can enter all needed information, the same as you would for a topic or post, however here the information is private. Only you and the user listed under the users area have visibility.

Option 2:

  1. Click the msgicon icon in your toolbar.
  2. Next select the link labeled “New Message” from the dropdown that appears.

  3. A popup will display from the bottom of your screen. It is very similar to the messager built into Google Hangouts and Facebook. Here you can add a user and begin a private message exchange.


4. After beginning a message, a small box will remain in the bottom right-hand corner until you close it providing easy access to your messages.


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Update 2-22