How to send the emails an mesages via Cosy 131

hello could yóu explain what Ineed to do for send mesages via cosy 131 do you have pdf information because I try to enable the opcions in the configuration but when I saved the configuration the Ewon conection was disable and I dont know what need to do for use this option
can you help me please


Is this a LAN device that needs to send out emails? If so this post explains the process.

Hello Zach

I read the document but is different my version of the configuration I show you in the next picture

I want to use the configuration DI but when I save the parameters the Ewon connection will disable

Before that the Ewon active SMS ,email the module connection its ok

But when I saved the configuration for use de DI for send the emails and messages the EWON module disconnect next to 1
or 2 minutes automatically

DI1 can control internet and vpn access. Since it is showing offline it looks like you are triggering the switch and preventing either the internet connection or the VPN.

Hello Zach

Do you know if in Mexico we have support technics because we need to use this option for send emails and messages when
one Machine fault but I don’t know who help me in the Factory for solved this detail.

Remote access control is for the VPN which you have enabled. It is designed to have a physical switch to shut off remote connection. If you are using the DI to send an email for a device connected to the flexy you do not need the remote access control option enabled since that will have the cosy go offline as you have been experiencing.

Hello Zach

Now I can to send the email Thank you very much

Another favor I would like the option to send the SMS I tried to use but maybe have an error for the number or lade what need to do for it ?

Its cellular phone in Mexico

The Email it’s OK

Section 5.1 of the following document goes over the syntax needed to send an sms throuhg the relay.

Hello Zach

This information is for Flexy module and I don’t have those options on my module EWON Cosy 131

I have only those options

Yes, all your settings are correct since you are sending emails. Section 5.1 is what you would be looking at in that document. The syntax is the same on the Flexy as it is on the Cosy.

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Hello Zach

I don’t found the option for configured de Email SMTP I only have this option

Hello Zach

Sorry is here Where I need to change the configuration?

Yes, the SMTP settings are correct since you are receiving emails which use the same settings. Try changing the number to one 0 instead of two since that depends on the country.